Derwent and Hull Angling Championships 2013

The trust has worked in partnership with the Environment Agency and EYevents to survey the fish populations of the rivers Derwent and Hull, by getting match anglers to catch them from the middle and lower reaches of each river. More orthodox fish survey techniques such as electric fishing do not yield representative results because of the great depth of water and high conductivity, particularly on the tidal River Hull.

Despite the high winds and torrential downpours throughout the weekend, in total 254 anglers fished the weekend long event. The Derwent event was contested by 118 anglers. The winner of the leg on the Derwent was Julian Griffin a local East Yorkshire rod whom caught approximately 200 roach for a brilliant 12kg from Bubwith. Second was a M. Rapier with a bream catch at Barmby of 7kg.  Whilst third was Martin Highe again at Bubwith with 3kg 340gram.



Despite strong winds and driving on the banks of the River Hull 136 anglers fished. The weather did prevent the anglers from presenting an acceptable bait to the fish. Consequently the fishing was not as good as in 2012. Trevor Sharp was at the ‘sharp end’ of the pack with 17kg 720gram mixed haul from end peg 11 directly upstream of Groovehill Bridge. Second and third place came from the other side of the bridge where Shaun Leskiewicz and Craig Singleton hauled in 17kg 480grams and 17kg 350grams respectively.


The EYevents Weekend Festival:-

The EYevents weekend prize of £1000 was won by M. Rapier, his second place haul of bream on the Derwent was consolidated with 4kg 910gram haul from the Hull at Beverley Shipyard.

The organisers would like to thank EYevents for again sponsoring the events ‘weekend’ prize which has without a doubt added a whole new dimension to the event. Thanks must also be expressed to the East Yorkshire Rivers Trust Volunteers for their continued support.