Trout in the Classroom

Trout in the Classroom is a eductional programme run by the EYRT to introduce children to the growth and development of brown trout.

The Trust has teamed up with 3 schools in the area and installed equipment in the schools as part of this educational project. One of which, North Cave Primary School has added the project to their website.


Primary schools who have previously participated in the project include: Green Way in Hull, Cherry Burton, North Frodingham and Tickton and Bishop Burton College.

In early January trout eggs are collected from near Pickering and brought back to the schools where they are introduced to the pupils before being placed in the temperture controlled aquaria. Some three months later each school has achieved successful hatchings of the eggs, the trout fry are fed on a daily basis, usually by keen pupils and a very cooperative school caretaker during the holiday period.


A big thank you to those unsung heroes of the schools. Eventually, once the fry have reached a suitable size, pupils help with the release of the fish into suitable local streams.


Schools interested in the programme should write to the Trust or use the contact link.