Salmon returning to the Derwent

Can you help?

The salmon spends most of its adult life in the Atlantic Ocean but has to migrate to freshwater streams to spawn. Pollution and the many barriers built across the River Derwent throughout history largely extinguished the run of salmon, but a few are now starting to return when conditions allow. We think it is time to give the iconic salmon (and other migratory fish) a helping hand to ascend to their natural spawning grounds.

Salmon leaping River Derwent with new logo

Salmon and trout not only need ready access to the breeding areas in the headwaters of rivers but they also require spawning gravels that are not overloaded by fine silt. We need your help to identify places where salmon breed or might be able to breed if they can get there - contact us to learn more.

Rights of Passage

Along with other major organisations, the East Yorkshire Rivers Trust is addressing the issue of man-made obstructions on the Yorkshire Derwent that impede the movement of migrating fish such as salmon, sea trout, eel and lamprey. Success with the project will help give unrestricted access to those species that naturally migrate between sea and river. Shown here are some of the sites that cause concern and where there may be potential for ‘improvement’.

Derwent Salmon obstructions