Hull Projects

The East Yorkshire Rivers Trust co-ordinates and participates in a wide range of projects to improve the fisheries and biodiversity of rivers within their catchment. A selection of projects completed on the River Hull can be seen below. For further information on the Trust's recent activity why not read our recent newsletter.

Wansford Bridge to Snakeholme

West Beck ProjectThis 1.5km section of the West Beck has been identified as being over wide, has compacted gravels, silt beds, lack of in-stream flow diversity and cover for invertebrates, fish and mammals. Although the site has some vertical banks that are stable and provide habitat for kingfishers other sections need support from erosion at times of high flows.

This project used a wide range of ‘green engineering’ techniques to address these issues and improve the overall biodiversity of the project site. Further details.


Foston Mill Eel Pass

New eel pass installationIn 2005, the Environment Agency fisheries department gained consent to install an eel pass at Foston Mill; taking the form of a pipe containing net material to enable eels to climb the pass. Unfortunaley, the eel pass was never completed.

To rectify this problem, EYRT removed the unfinished EA eel pass and replaced it with a specially designed eel pass. The success of the eel pass will be continously monitored, as part of this monitoring the eel pass has been fitted with camera equipment to record migrating eels. Further details.


Wet Woodland Habitat - Lowthorpe

Woodland habitat

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) and The East Yorkshire Rivers Trust (EYRT) have proposed works and remedies for two discrete blocks of woodland in the headwaters of the River Hull catchment.

The work is funded through the Water Framework Directiveand administered by the Environment Agency. The two main drivers are to reduce siltation into the main chalk stream that is Lowthorpe Beck and to improve fish spawning habitats. Further details.